Dear Friend:

After more than 25 years of being established, the PERUVIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE has over 300 friends and members. We believe this strong following constitutes the basis for an effective institutional network which allows our members to permanently increase their business opportunities in both marketplaces.

In addition to this strong following we are founding members of the Bi-National Chamber of Commerce of the Americas (Bi-National Chambers) with over 1,000 members and friends to their credit. Members of PERUSA CHAMBER are automatically members of the ABICC ( Association of Binational International Chamber of Commerce) who has 40 Chambers and therefore their potential for networking and doing business in Miami and in Latin America is multiplied several fold.

The strong ties that we have kept throughout the yers with representative of the Peruvian trade-related government agencies, as well as their counter parts in the United States trade-related government agencies, as the city, state, and federal level, have been crucial to the success of the Chamber. These relationships enable us to provide strong support to our members and keep them current on the legal and market issues which affect the efficient flow of international trade of goods and services.

To our members and friends we make available key contacts and valuable market information about Peru, by virtue of the agreements that we keep with the following Peruvian private and governmental trade-related institutions:








Finally we have available to our membership and friends multiple benefits and services listed in the accompanying pages of this kit of which we would like to highlight at this point the certification of trade documents as requested by Peruvian customs authorities and as stipulated by banking requirements in commercial letters of credit.

You are cordially invited to become a member and take advantage of all of the business opportunities and servies that the PERUVIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE has to offer to you.

The Board of Directors



The PERUVIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE was established on November 8th, 1990.

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The ChaMber’s mission is to foster trade and commerce between the United States and Peru between individuals and firms of these two countries. In this process, friendship and closer relationships between the businessmen of these two nations will be enhanced.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our founding members and to the over 300 friends and members of the Chamber whom over the years have supported our institution. Let us pay tribute to our most distinguished collaborators by reviewing our accomplishments to date:

* At the peak of the Cholera epidemic in Latin America in March of 1991 our lobbying efforts in Washington with the FDA & USDA authorities, were instrumental in lifting the ban of Peruvian imports of fresh and frozen foodstuffs into US ports.

* Lobbying efforts made by the Chamber in conjunction with those of Peruvian governmental and private sector authorities in sessions with US governmental authorities (USDC, USDA, USTR) were vital in obtaining a special tax treatment under GSP auspices to products of origin from the Andean nations.

* Formal working agreeemts to share trade opportunities and valuable market information have been signed between our Chamber and the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, the Exporter’s Association (ADEX), the National Industrial Society (SNI) and The |American Peruvian Chamber of Commerce of Lima (AMCHAM).

* The Seminar Reactivation of Peruvian Commerce and Tourism on August 1991 sponsored by the Chamber and attended by Peruvian and US government officials of the pertinent sectors, concluded that sanitary and quality controls of US import from Peru would be done in Peru by authorities acceptable to all parties.

* The Chamber estimates that on a yearly basis the aggregate volume of sales generated among members and friends of the Chamber exceeds $20,000,000 and continues to grow.

*The numerous events that the Chamber has organized in Lima and in Miami over the years have featured distinguished speakers including the following personalities: Alejandro Toledo, former President of Perú,  Liliana Canale, and Victor Joy Way, Ministers of Industry and Trade; Jose Luque Otero, President of the Lima Stock Exchange; Arturo Woodman, president of the Confederation of Private Sector Enterprises (CONFIEP); Roberto Mc Lean and Ricardo Luna, Ambassadors of Peru to the US; Enrique Chirinos Soto, Congressman; Manuel Romero Caro, Editor of Gestión; The Monitor Group; and finally the honorable Ricardo Márquez, former Vice President of Peru.